Infant Care

(2 months to 18 months)

A baby’s needs are predictable: food, sleep, play and love. Knowing what the baby wants at what time and how much of it requires teachers to work closely with families. Each baby is unique and has his or her individual set of biological schedule. Your baby’s well-being is our top priority. While babies are encouraged to develop at their own pace, our teachers help to keep a watch for the crucial developmental milestones.

Our programme is balanced and holistic. We provide infants with a wide array of learning through play across all domains and using all their senses. Our programme delivery strikes a good balance between structured and unstructured time to develop children’s love for learning and exploration.

Stories and Singalongs

Books are perfect for infants! The teachers read to infants daily and as infants hear more words, it helps to improve their understanding of language, and increases the number and variety of words that they can understand and use. Infants need music too. Infants are introduced to a vast collection of timeless nursery rhymes as they sing and move their bodies along. Besides, infants experience the joy of creating varied sounds from different instruments and are encouraged to explore making their own music through the notion of action and effect.

Discovery Games

Floor time is planned for little infants to develop their gross motor skills such as raising head and chest when lying on stomach, rolling over, crawling, sitting, walking and even dancing! Unstructured time is planned for older infants to build their creativity and imagination. All these will be done with the provision of developmentally appropriate toys within reach and with teachers readily at their side for support and assurance.

Sensory touch

Infants learn with all their senses. Infants immerse in our sensory-rich environment and are guided by the teachers to grasp, touch and feel the different textures, shapes and sizes of objects.

Art Projects

Infants embark on interesting art projects periodically to gain exposure to various art materials. Painting, printing, doodling, or free expressions, the infants love them all.

Outdoor Activities

Going outside is essential for the healthy development of the infants. Teachers engage with the infants in a variety of activities including sand or soil play, and water play under careful supervision.

We have a low Teacher-Infant Ratio: 1:3 (ECDA Recommended 1:5)