Playgroup/ Pre-Nursery (19 months to year turning 2)

Learning through play and discovery! Our curriculum delivery is child-centred and highly effective to support young learners’ curious minds as they acquire both English and Chinese languages naturally. Many children go through huge transitions at this stage. Our educators are sensitive to foster character development in children and build strong relationships with the children and parents.

Nursery (year turning 3 to year turning 4)

Children are constructors of their own knowledge. We adopt a dynamic classroom approach, blending inquiry-based learning with projects seamlessly. Our educators introduce an extensive array of children’s storybooks and art techniques to children to build their inventiveness and their passion for learning.

Kindergarten (year turning 5 to year turning 6)

Every child is infinitely capable, creative, and intelligent. Children take charge of their learning as they go deep into their inquiry learning cycles through active exploration of real-world challenges. Educators plan experiences to facilitate learning and expand knowledge. Children are prepared and equipped with primary school readiness skills.