where knowledge meets creativity

Children’s Cove believes that it takes a village to raise a child and that every child is unique and creative. We focus on building a respectful, responsive and reciprocal relationship with our children and working with families we serve.

Children’s Cove is SPARK Certified

SPARK Certification awarded by government regulating authority recognises centres with strong teaching and learning practices which include a well-designed and integrated curriculum, and strong pedagogies to support children’s holistic development in an environment conducive for learning.

Our Child to Teacher Ratio is LOWER than ECDA recommendation!
The preschool with the largest nature outdoor experience for your child.
Curiosity is the compass that leads us to our passion.
Every child brings with them the curiosity to learn about the world around them

Children’s Cove Preschool at Jalan Penajara

The Largest Nature Outdoor Space

More than 3,0000 square feet of space with low child to teacher ratio

Infant Programme

2 months to 18 months

We establish an environment for meaningful and lasting relationships to develop between teachers, children, and families. Our timetable serves as a guide and we follow every child’s care and routine requirement and pledge to give children time and space to grow. Our teachers are competent to deliver quality experiences to fill children with attention, approval and affection. We are sensitive towards the cultural diversity of our children. We aim to establish an open and healthy relationship with every family.

Preschool Programme

Playgroup/Pre-Nursery: 18 months to year turning 2

Nursery: year turning 3 to year turning 4

Kindergarten: year turning 5 to year turning 6

Each child is infinitely capable, creative, and intelligent. Children are constructors of their own knowledge. Our educators plan experiences and facilitate learning and development of children while collaborating closely with families and the community to give the children a strong start in their journey of life-long learning.


The children’s school day is balanced with adequate indoor and outdoor experiences. A typical morning is filled with an effective bilingual integrated learning approach focusing on play, project and inquiry; and a typical afternoon is completed with a developmentally appropriate enrichment programme. Our educators make use of an extensive array of children’s storybooks and customised learning aid to support children’s learning at every stage.

Involving Parent

Why it is important

The first initial years of a child’s life are fundamentally important. They are the foundation that shapes the child’s future health, happiness, growth development and learning achievement in the school, family, community and life in general. Every child enters the school with varied developmental skills in various domains. At the heart of our curriculum is a team of dedicated professionals working hand in hand with parents like yourself to provide a wholesome and balanced education for your child. Home-School partnerships are important such that parents and teachers work together to deliver the same positive reassurance and encouragement to the child in school and at home.

What Our Parent Have to Say

Thank you for your care of Zachary and leadership of a great team of teachers. You’ve made our transition as parents easier knowing Zachary is well cared for. Appreciate it appreciate you!

Jake, Amanda and Zachary

Thank you so much for the love and effort in looking after Jonas. Really impressed with the speed you all got him settled in school. And, I really appreciate the messages to keep me informed, it was good assurance of all your thoughtfulness.

Love Jonas and his mummy

Thank you so much for the care and kindness you have shown to our daughter. She has blossomed under your care and we are truly sorry that she has to leave your nursery. Our search for a new nursery in Shanghai will be hard with such high standard to live up to.

All the very best, James and Rebecca