The Preschool with the Largest Nature Outdoor Experience

Children’s Cove


This is the perfect oasis for your child’s learning amid our bustling city. Imagine a sprawling 30,000 square feet of space surrounded by luxuriant greenery coupled with complete modern amenities.

Your child will learn in the heart of nature. Take a stroll along the forest trail flanked by fruit trees, then pause to enjoy the stillness of the emerald pond. Listen to stories under open skies, race on a spacious cycling circuit, feed the farm animals… experience nature up close and never before.

To escape the humidity, nearby are retro buildings retrofitted with modern amenities to provide a high level of comfort for your child to learn, rest and play. The interiors are specifically designed to facilitate experiential learning with innovative spaces such as dark room, cookery room, block room and art atelier.

Located in the heart of Queenstown, we are easily accessible by both public or private transport. You can access this natural haven in just 15 minutes walk from Queenstown MRT or a 10-minute drive from the CBD.

Children's Cove Preschool at Jalan Penjara

Outdoor Play

There is an abundance of outdoor fun and learning from splashing water in the mini pool to a discovery nature walk through the forest trail around a still emerald pond.

Natural Amphitheatre where stories come to life under colossal trees and beautiful skies.
Cycling Circuit where races determine the next champion of the road with learners trailing behind.
Forest Trail where footsteps are light and small because of the surrounding flora and fauna are sheer delight.
Chicken Coop where feeding of animals is recommended while chasing after them is optional.
Sand Pit where future architects and engineers build their tallest and wildest dreams.
Mini Pool where kids frolic in water, splashing around, getting wet and just having silly fun.
Playground where children find extreme joy in going up and down, and running round and round.
Edible Garden where your child can cook and eat the very plants they have planted, grown and nurtured.

Indoor Amenities

Library where children immerse themselves into the world of stories and never returning.
Dark Room where imagination runs wild when light and shadows collide to endless permutations.
Cookery Room where the next Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver face off in culinary competitions.
Drama Center where thespians act, ballerinas dance and rock stars perform rain or shine.
Art Atelier where creativity is unleashed in splashes of paint and craft.
Block Room where the basic building blocks serve as the foundation to the tallest buildings in the world.