Playgroup/ Pre-Nursery



Playgroup / Pre-Nursery

(19 months to year turning 2)

Many toddlers go through huge transitions at this stage. Our educators are sensitive to foster character development in children and build strong relationships with the children and parents. Toddlers learn through play using all their senses by: tasting, touching, seeing, hearing and smelling. They love watching and copying people close to them and they pick up language and behaviour rapidly!

Our curriculum delivery is child-centred and highly effective to support young learners’ curious minds as they acquire both English and Chinese languages naturally. Teachers work as a team to deliver curriculum that is highly relevant and relatable to the children. Teachers use a wide variety of resources and materials that toddlers can manipulate and discover the concept of cause-and-effect, and that helps build their dexterity and motor skills. We work closely with families to enrich school experiences. Songs and rhymes, and art and craft are something they do daily too.

Children’s Cove Low Playgroup Teacher-Toddler Ratio: 1:6 (ECDA Recommended 1:8)


(year turning 3 to year turning 4)

Children are constructors of their own knowledge. We adopt a dynamic classroom approach, blending inquiry-based learning with projects seamlessly. Our educators introduce an extensive array of children’s storybooks and art techniques to children to build their inventiveness and their passion for learning. We apply children’s literature extensively in our curriculum not only to promote their cognitive development, but at the same time to build the desired values and good character in every child.

Learning is filled with fun and laughter through our integrated lessons. Children are given opportunities, time and space to discover their self-worth and be independent. The children love dramatization and games! We utilise Letterland programme to help the children develop an understanding of phonics to prepare them for reading. Many numeracy concepts such as counting, patterning, matching, and sorting are introduced strategically to enable children to appreciate math as a part of our lives.

Children’s Cove Low Nursery Teacher-Child Ratio: 1:8/10 (ECDA Recommended 1:12/15)


(year turning 5 to year turning 6)

Every child is infinitely capable, creative, and intelligent. The children take charge of their learning as they go deep into their inquiry learning cycles through active exploration of real-world challenges. Our teachers plan experiences to facilitate learning and expand knowledge. Informational books are used to enhance their general knowledge and to promote their interest in the world around them.

The kindergarteners keep a daily reflective journal to promote their language and literacy, and emotional capabilities. In preparing for primary school, the children are exposed to big books from the Ministry of Education (MOE) Starlight Literacy Programme to foster bilingualism. This acts as a bridge to the MOE’s STELLAR English programme in the lower primary levels. The children get many opportunities to stand and speak in front of their peers to improve their skills for Show & Tell in both English and Chinese languages. Kindergarten 2 children start their weekly Spelling tests and are introduced to Chinese Hanyu Pinyin. The children round up their preschool journey with planning and attending their very own overnight graduation camp. All in all, we prepare our children with skills for primary school and beyond.

Children’s Cove Low Kindergarten Teacher-Child Ratio: 1:12 (ECDA Recommended 1:20/25)