Children’s Cove at Amoy


Where Little Hearts Roam and Explore

Watching the little ones run around, bathed in joyous laughters and warm sunshine and their daily growth never fails to brighten our day. Each day, we dedicate ourselves to offering them the very best – a sanctuary of safety and boundless opportunities, where their imaginations and spirits roam free and unhindered.

A Safe Place for Joy and Learning

Nestled in the heart of historic Amoy where rich heritage intertwines with modern gastronomy, Children’s Cove Amoy dedicates to nurtures young minds with creativity and curiosity. Our spaces are meticulously crafted by our dedicated curriculum specialists, designed to ignite our young ones’ blaze of imagination and discovery.


Children’s Cove (Amoy)

105 Amoy St 01-01 S069925
+65 6220 9282