Children’s Cove at Pasir Ris


Wonder Through The Playground Of Knowledge

A haven for young minds, snuggle in the cozy corners and inviting reading nooks that cultivate a lifelong love for books. Or run around amongst the lush of greens and grass in our garden. At Children’s Cove Pasir Ris, we believe in creating an environment that enriches both the intellect and the spirit.

Crafted and Designed for Bright Minds

Located in the heart of the community, our Pasir Ris Preschool offers the best of both worlds. Nestled near Sea Shell Park and amidst the vibrant Heartland Mall, your child will experience the joys of nature and the conveniences of city life. Our preschool is a place where little learners can discover, play, and grow, all while being part of the warm and welcoming Pasir Ris neighborhood.


Children’s Cove (Pasir Ris)

443 Pasir Ris Drive 6 #03-02 S510443
+65 6585 2728